What is disputed will?

If a will you hold is prepared is disputed then you may want to disclose information about the current surrounding situations and execution. This practice note should be dealt by solicitors and should not feature any statutory demand notices. During the time of heartache and loss, disputes arise between families so how the deceased property would be divided. In these situations, it really helps to hire an experienced, understanding, and qualified team of professional will dispute solicitors.

If you’re experienced about the will dispute process or if you are eligible to dispute a will, contact your solicitor as soon as possible. If the creditor is owed money, then this issue is called statutory demand. It is a demand in which it is stated that a debt must be paid. There are several types of disputed wills that are listed below

  • Administration dispute will

  • Construction dispute will

  • Deceased dispute will

There might be a strong awareness that a deceased’s property is disputed even after having a will by deceased. Here are several factors to contest a disputed will, which are as follows

  • Lack of due execution

  • Lack of approval and knowledge

  • Lack of testamentary capacity

  • Fraud/forgery

  • And undue influence